Or restlessness. These are drugs that cause more damage than good. They increase fall risk and more agitation in the end without help. The one thing they do not prescribe is depression Meds. Why? Because that is not "their" standard of treatment. I ask why not? Going in to this illness these patients knew what was happening to them, why would this not cause added stress and anxiety? Which would need to be addressed with an anti- depression medication, which would be taken long term. This would help keep the patient calm and agreeable. Otherwise you are going to a combative patient.What needs to change is the doctors " standard" of treatment based on their opinion and studies but instead based on the needs of the caregivers and the information they are giving them and their needs. I have been there , done that, and I no longer leave the care of my love ones in the doctors hands entirely. When I have knowledge of something other than the " standard" drug that I think that might help my love one and ME, than I am not going to take no for an answer. It is all mere experimentation anyway. But the difference is this is my loved one and he or she is an individual not a " standard".

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It's great to be an advocate for your loved one. I certainly have learned to do that for mine. We all learn as we go. I have learned things here and from other dementia patients and their families, as well as the care teams at the Assisted living and Memory Care facilities. They do have experience in what works with dementia patients. I think most doctors do too, if they regularly treat that type of patient.

I was never impressed with meds like Xanax for anxiety with dementia patients, but perhaps other have different experiences. I asked my loved one's doctor about Cymbalta after a nurse mentioned it who was familiar with her care. As it turns out, it was a godsend. She did great on that med. It's for Axiety, Depression and Pain. It made a huge improvement as it addressed all of her symptoms, which included Anxiety, depression and pain.

Sometimes, it takes some time and effort to find the right medication.

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