His doctor did say it was time for letting the authorities know about him in case I have to call them.


I did.

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The POA is done ! No problems. I have them hidden and right now that's all I can do because if he knows I locked them up he will try to get to them. Also I got a prescription this morning for Seroquil (spelling). The doctor told me that Aericept may be causing his severe sundowning. It has gotten worse now that I think about it. So if the new Rx doesn't help they will back off on the Aericept.

How did it go at the attorney's office? Did you get the POA written and settled? I don't think you answered how that went on your other thread. And what are you doing about your husband's guns? Stay safe!!

You did the right thing, but I'll bet it was extremely hard. Hugs to you.

Stay safe.

Tara, I'm glad that you informed the sheriff about what is going on. But you also need a long term plan.

I think you need to be in touch with your husband's doctor to talk about what level of facility care he needs.

Tarajane, your hubby's doctor is correct, that's a good idea, glad you did call the police.

Oh, when writing new Questions/Discussion, for the brand new readers on these forums, it would make it easier for them if you provide more information. The new readers won't be familiar with who is "him" and what are his issues.

Those of us who have been on the forums for quite some time know we can click on your screen name which will bring up your profile, and we can quick on "answers" to read the back stories of what has been going on :)

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