Sometimes come up thread about 24hrs caregiver has responsibility for 24hrs with your loved ones. I'm 24hrs live_in for 4 days a week with my client(92/WF) for almost 3 years. About a year ago she did fail at morning when another caregiver was in kitchen... I do feel that we are the caregivers we couldn't stay with our client every single minute( I don't take break, but take quick bath).....Well it's would not a option to move her into any other places, She is very happy where she is please tell me what your thought of 24 hrs care?

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Not my state, I'm independent contact with family and end of the year I get 1099. I do take care of all my taxes issued. My Q's was about 24 hrs caregivers. I do 4 days a week, and I do not getting cheap wage.

There are MANY 24 hour paid caregivers.... we do not stay up that whole 24 hours... arrangements are made at hiring time and all of that is worked out..... And nowdays with the price of going thru agencies, families can not afford it the traditional ways.... and there are many reliable, trained personal caregivers entering the field.... we are not paid a Kings Ransom....not by any means.... but people have been going around labor laws since the beginning of time.... its called supply and demand..... we are much needed in these hard times..... and as far as trust is concerned.... no catastrophes on my shifts... they usually happen with the family !!!

24/7 care is not practical and there are labor laws prohibiting it. Check your state domestic worker laws.

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