When my daughters lovingly say to me, “Mom, you sound like grandma. She spoke to you like you were a child. You told her that you were a grown woman. I am no longer your child. I’ll be fine.”

After hearing their words, I know that I need to concentrate on watching what I tell them.

Recently, my daughter told me that she was taking a road trip from Denver to Vail. I found myself telling her how nervous I was about her driving all alone in a mountainous area and expressed concern. I love her and started to worry about her.

She told me that she was going to stay on the interstate and it was a safe drive. Her friend who has experience driving in the mountains was going to drive on the mountain roads when she arrived to show her around.

We do have to break cycles. I realized that I overreacted and told her that I was confident in her driving and to have a great time.

I think I had a flashback from when she was a teenager and had a horrible accident and I saw her covered in blood in the hospital.

I don’t ever want to become a parent riddled with anxiety like my mom who worries about everything! Excessive stress makes people miserable and it makes those around them miserable too.

I have always been close to my girls. They confide in me. I want to make sure that I continue healthy communication with them.

Every now and then I do catch myself saying something just like my mom!

Have any of you ever been afraid of turning into your mom as you age? Hahaha 😆

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These are great! Alva, my daughters were known for going to their dad after I said no! Hahaha

Fortunately, I always told my husband whenever I told them no.

CM, Oh, Woman! I like that one.

My grandma had some great expressions! Daddy did too.

Send, your brother is so sweet!

Martz, yes they are hilarious! Oh, please don’t let me turn into someone like on those commercials! LOL

My Dad gave good advice, but in the mail (snail mail).
I would tell him something, and being an absent father, he would write back:
"Do not do anything until I get there", and he would enclose a $5.00 bill.

Today, my brother is like my father, in a good way.
He sends Covid advice to me, also snail mail.
"Do not go anywhere." "Get your groceries delivered." he writes.
And he encloses a $100 dollar bill.

Anyone willing to pass on advice and support as you do, could be a good person, in other people's eyes.

A friendly, caring person is lovely, from the inside out! imo.

SendHelp, you gave me a giggle. I am not my mother, either. Sadly. She was such a GOOD person.

"I am not my mother."
"I am not my mother."
"I am not my mother."

The things my parents told me were almost always positive, so I think of and repeat them often, almost always with a smile.
One from my Dad would be "Always leave a place better, cleaner, for your having been there."
One from my Mom "Most things will work themselves out over time; so much worry is needless".
They were always the first with the "You're a good kid. You can do anything you want to do. You're a smart kids".
My Mom was big with the "I am raising you kids to be able to function in the world, for it is what the world will require of you".
I can't think of many of their sayings that I couldn't pass on; I was really lucky to have them.
Another from my Mom would be "Don't think you can go and ask your Dad after I tell you 'No'. We talk these things over when you aren't around and we decide what's best. Right now you don't know that's a good thing. But with time you will know that parents divided doesn't help you at all".
So you triggered so many thoughts of the things they always taught me. Thank you for that.

I’m already there 😁. I find I sound like both of my parents at times. Anyone see those funny “Progressive can’t stop you from becoming your parents” commercials? They are hilarious. It must happen quite often.

Need, this is not actually escapable. You might as well just go with it.

One of my favourites among my mother's catchphrases is "O woman! In our hours of ease - " which she used to say when I was being contrary; it wasn't for many years that I found out the whole line is

O woman! In our hours of ease
Uncertain, coy and hard to please

[Walter Scott was the poet]

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