My Dad, I'm just a guy who my father meant well, he left his trust in the hand of the wrong people.

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What are your specific concerns?  Complications in managing the Trust?  Admittedly, they're challenging, and can be very complex.  

And I assume you do know that you can hire the attorney who drafted the Trust to assist and guide you?

Perhaps if you provide more information we can respond more specifically.

This is something you would have to ask a lawyer who specializes in Trusts and Estates and/or elderly legal matters. If you cannot afford a lawyer, check with your local law schools who might have legal clinics that offer pro bono services. Best of luck to you.

I don’t quite understand your question. Sorry.

Good luck to you. You need to make an appointment with an attorney if you need legal assistance.

You may get some help here but we are a forum of caregivers sharing our experiences. Some members have been involved with trusts but I really think you need a lawyer.

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