What ever you do, do not change your parents life or accident insurance until they pass away.

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My sister had been bugging me that we were paying for accident insurance on Mom that was of no value and convinced me to cancel it the end of 2013. Mom died in 2014 via an accident that took her life and we just found out yesterday that had we kept it, we would have received 1 million dollars in death benefits.

Don't do what I did!!!


Stressed52, I read your profile, would the accident insurance consider a *fall* in a nursing home to be an accident? Some policies have physical illnesses as an exemption. Just curious.
Statistically, sis was right - for most elders, they start trying to sell you piles of accidental death and dismemberment insurance because the risks of dying from an accident become so much lower than the risks of dying from disease. And they will happily sell cancer insurance to someone who has end-stage kidney or heart disease for the same reason. Unless that policy was just dirt cheap like 30 bucks a month or something, and did not have any exclusions that would have applied (e.g. at-fault more than 30% in a car wreck, or some other odd thing), don't kick yourself too hard if you can help it.

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