Can they come to my house and change a diaper? Why don't any of these articles ever mention "us" - the fantasy people in the articles all wrote books or have radio shows or are just so perfect that they are not relevant to my life. Is it just me or is it time for real articles by real people? WHat makes you mad?

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Hi Cat,

I think I know what you mean about fantasy caregiving articles. I've read my share, including a few (very few) on here. I recall one that suggested getting more exercise by organizing a sports team for the neighborhood kids. And avoiding social isolation by getting involved with the city council. Sigh.

But mostly I think Captain is right. Most articles contain a grain or two of truth and once in a while a profound insight. And the ones that are pure fantasy give us a target for our frustration for a short while. Getting mad at the stupid article is at least a change of pace from getting mad at the stupid disease.

And what is inspiring for one caregiver is discouraging for another. Jessie's reaction to the 36 Hour Day is a case in point. And sometimes what we are not ready to take seriously now will be meaningful later.

Someone lecturing at caregivers who hasn't a clue what the day-to-day life is like does make me mad. But there are a ton of good articles out there, too. This website has plenty of real people expressing their real problems, solutions, hopes, fears and feelings. It is a good place to be.

I haven't seen fantasy here. Just a lot of suffering punctuated with occasional humor.

I don't which articles you mean. I do know what you're talking about. Three years ago I tried to read 36 Hour Day. It is supposed to be a good, useful book... and it probably is. However, it filled me with dread. I didn't want to work THAT hard. So I put the book down and decided to take it one day at a time. I admit that I am far from the model caregiver, but my Mother is still moving about and eating, so I must be doing something right.

i researched the h*ll out of dementia and all of my moms other fatal ailments at her end of life . it was go time and a lot of skeptical eyes were on me , the live in primary . i have never read an article that i couldnt take something useful away from .

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