DME suppliers of oxygen concentrators under the new Medicare protocols.


Since Medicare has established competitive bidding, the supplier of oxygen equipment has advised us it wasn't successful in the bidding competition and will no longer be supplying oxygen or equipment.

The replacement supplier has been less than satisfactory. We've had repeated trouble with the concentrator; now a promise has been made to resolve the issue but we're still waiting. In the meantime, the equipment isn't functioning properly and we're ready to switch.

Is anyone else in a similar situation, and if so, what suppliers are you using? Have you had any problems with the red and/or yellow lights going on and staying on?

(The manual has disappeared; I've asked for another but no response).

Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated.

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Pam, thanks for your help and advice. Got the equipment working last night with help of a phone call from a tech rep. Today is my problem solving day for oxygen equipment, manuals, and other stuff.

I would call the insurance carrier and tell them this supplier is very unsatisfactory and tell them to find another. I would also report the supplier to Medicare. Shake em up.

Pam, we do have supplemental insurance (BSBCM Medigap C) which picks up the 20% Medicare doesn't pay, but to the best of my knowledge that's all it does.

Are you saying that with the supplemental insurance you have you can choose suppliers that might not be the same as Medicare would mandate?

If so, I think I need to investigate this.

Thanks for the heads up.

This is why supplemental insurance is always a wise choice. For an extra $100 a month, mom has a premier coverage plan from a highly rated insurer. Medicare alone forces you to put up with idiots. Sorry.

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