My grandmother is getting discharged from rehab next week but she insists on coming home. If so you are gonna need a live in caretaker. So now I gotta work on the inside of the house. I cleaned all the rooms and threw out tons of garbage 60 bags worth that is sitting in the van plus a lot of qvc boxes that have never been thrown away and all the excess clothes. So I rented a uhaul cargo van loaded it up and took it to Goodwill. There must have been 40 plus bags of QVC stuff. Tomorrow I have the plumber coming to fix the sink and toilet and need to visit the appliance store to order a new stove and get a new ac for the room the caregiver is gonna stay and repaint the rooms. I have been there twelve hours trying to detox the house. I don't get home till 12 am between cleaning, lunch and dinner breaks and visiting at the rehab. It has been tough. I don't wish it on no body but it happens we have to deal with this with family and especially when they are old.

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The funds are there its just the matter how long the home tenure will be this time around. the company who I'm working with is good but as far as the house goes I have been working on it repainting rooms I'm no Bob Vila but I'm doing my best no modern day upgrades have ever been done I stayed overnight just painting,cleaning still. a majority of the clutter is gone

Does gma have the funds to hire 24/7 care?

"Insists on coming home" can be countered by asking that the rehab send out an OT to assess the house as a " safe discharge".

If you want to keep trying to manage gma's care at home, that's fine. Just understand that you don't HAVE to accede to her demands if they are not in her best interests.

She's in a bed right now. You have an opportunity to translate this into long term placement. Talk to the social worker before assisting her in moving back home.

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