They are from Europe, and my parent lives in his/her way. I am not well. I am disabled, but able to drive a car. I have been taking care of my parents needs for the past 6 years, but my sickness is getting worse. My other family members are having woes of their own, and can only do so much. My parent has a one track mind, and is self-centered. Am stressed out constantly, and my anger is getting out of control. Mostly yelling because this is the only time my parent will listen. Am getting tired of it and need someone to listen and lend an ear for support.
Thank You

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my parents are from Europe as well, and at times they don't seem to hear what i am saying it frustrates me and i yell but I'm finding this only makes me feel worst. i have a brother interstate that helps nothing, in Europe parents just expect kids to look out for them, thus the self -centered manner, unfortunately it usually fall on the most selfless child, and they intern carry the loan with little to no help from the rest, who in there mind feel free because, well they are being looked after by you, this unfortunately helps you nothing and only builds resentment. the only way i am finding is to think as less about the situation, and just do what needs to be done. stress is a storm that blows in, and at times can be unbearable and then just blows out. usually after a sleep or a good word heard or spoken, this is a great site for just such words. For you to be doing this, means you have a loving heart, and when you stand back and look, that's why we do what we do, because we care and give, making us caregivers. but if the stress get to bad go talk to your doctor, and see if he can help just little and keep reading this site. God Love you and Bless you and keep you strong always

Pumpy i can fully sympathise with you, my mother drives me to despair with her selfish , self centred attitude, she has dementia or alzheimers but is in full denial.
Get in contact with your local social services and tell them everything, my mother was sectioned on friday after a few phone calls and a home visit from SS they realised we were by no means exaggerating etc.. ask for help hun be selfish for a change , your health will deterioarte, . My blood pressure medication as doubled over the last few months with my mother stressing me out. Ask for help, something has to give...

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