My father in law has end stage CHF/COPD/CRF he was not expected to make it through the new year. Well it is now February and as of today he's off the O2, has no shortness of breath, no swelling or water retention and even his memory is improved. Shocking since he refuses to take his water pills and barely used the O2 only about 4 hours a day.

What we did differently is all diet. We made sure all meals included fresh garlic and mostly raw onion. He drinks pineapple juice, ginger ale and the occasional beer. I did a ton of research on diuretic foods and made sure it was included with all or most of his meals and drinks. We also cut out all salt.

Maybe we just got lucky but maybe it was the diet. I would like to see a lot more work done in care homes and hospitals around the diet needs of all people. It really does make a difference.

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I bought some minced organic garlic from Western Botanicals, about 2 times the size of a BB. I started taking 3/4 tablespoon in water 1st thing in the morning on empty stomach. Didn't notice a whole lot, so I started using pretty hot water and let it sit for 15 minutes and boom, I felt it then. Did it for a few days and it made me very tired and very congested so I quit. Ended up finding I have mild to moderate COPD. Dr. put me on Ventolin and Dulera. I started getting a lot more tired then I already was on the Ventolin, and seen nothing happenig with my lungs, then I started Dulera and now getting congestion in lungs and still very tired. 5 minutes of work and I am breathing hard. I have been tired for many yrs. and I think its been my lungs. Smoked for 20 yrs.. I am considering quitting all the prescriptions and going back to the raw garlic. It was really bringing stuff up, and was worried about that then. But that's what this Dr. says these inhaulers are suppose to do, but the garlic was bringing up far more stuff. That's why I started searching for garlic and copd. I'm wondering if Garlic isn't the ticket.

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