On CNNs The Situation Room (11/7/2013) Wolf Blitzer aired an interview he had done with Football Hall of Famer Tony Dorsett who just had his diagnosis with Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy confirmed.
This is a degenerative progressive brain disease that many football players and other sports participants suffer after repeated concussions suffered during football games.
The symptoms and progressions are similar to Alzheimers and up to now could only be definitely diagnosed at post mortem.
What is exciting about to days news is that a new trial of an investigative test has been used to make this diagnosis. A dye is injected into the subject intravenously and then scans are taken of the brain. These scans show images similar to those shown at post mortems.
If these investigative trials are confirmed it could be theorized that the test could be used for the early diagnosis of Alzheimers.
This is purely my guess but if it could happen the disease could be treated earlier thus giving patients and their caregivers more good years to enjoy.
If this trail takes the usual course and gets FDA approval it will be many years before it is widely available.
All things considered this is good news for future patients and their families.

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Good news indeed!

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