I have been diagnosed with Dementia last October. I have had Neuropsychological testing done in October of 2010, with the psychologist stating that cognitive deficits registered in several areas. He states that the cluster of conditions fits the critera for a dementia syndrome, appearing to be of mild-to-moderate severity, possibly a frontotemporal neurodegenerative process. I have seen a neurologist who looked at the MRI, stating possibly MS, recently took the test for MS. I am currently waiting for the results. The next step would be a lumbar puncture to clarify Alzheimers. I will repeat the testing again in July. I am having some trouble with subtraction and multiplication. I want to have the best documentation regarding medical tests when I meet with a lawyer. I have finished my 2011 taxes with the help of AARP. If anyone has had symptoms similar and who has received Social Security Disability, please let me know your story.

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