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You didn't say how old your mom is, but my mother-in-law who just turned 88yrs had her hip replaced a few months ago, after falling and breaking it. She broke the other one 3 years ago from a fall too, so this is NOT her first rodeo you might say. The key to her overcoming the surgery and rehab was her stubbornness to succumb to NOT walking again. She loves to walk (with a walker) and the thought of being stuck in a wheel chair just was not an option for her. Plus it didn't hurt that with her dementia she couldn't remember the fall, surgery, rehab etc etc. which took the trauma out altogether. :)

`THANKS, ACTUALLY her diabetes is well- controlled, they did stress test it was ok, but still iam afriad to lose her,or because of any complication after surgery.
and 20% chance of dislocation. will pray

Surgery is always scary as far as I'm concerned! But the people I know who have their hips replaced are all so glad that they did it, I think (hope) I'll be brave enough to do it if it is recommended to me.

How well is your mother's diabetes being managed? Are her blood sugars within a target range? What are the doctors saying about this proposed surgery? Are they reassuring, or are they giving you reasons for being scared?

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