tests all okay.could not keep her there she needs 24 hour care. had to take her back to adult home..have been applying for nursing homenext door paperwork i progress..two beds available at nursing home..she s on medicare, medicaid..nursing home needs to check into finances s will have to wait to accept home will not keep her since she is not able to walk to dining room and eat by herself. she has failed horribly in one week..afraid of everything, too weak to care for herself.. if she is now receiving medicaid why is there such a problem getting her into nursing home..P.S. she cried when she had to go back to adult home, wants to go to nursing home. too weak and tired to take care of do not want my mothers last days suffering like this..............

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My mom was put in a nursing home on long term nursing care. She was not ambulatory, used a wheelchair. She was crippled from a fall she had. They helped her eat, etc. After her medicare ran out, they put her on medicade and she was allowed to stay there. It was long term nursing-it sounds like your mother was in assisted living. Good luck.

thank you for your support. the social worker at the hospital was involved in this situation..she spoke with the nursing home and the adult home..but she can not help since there is nothing medically wrong with my Mom. My Mom is not bad physically other than weak, disoriented, and afraid of most everything. I guess my only route will be Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, and the Atty. General. this is an absolute crime how the government with its rules and regulations are treating all of our senior citizens who have paid their dues to them.
again many thanks

Please ask to speak to the social worker that is at the hospital to see what can be done. If she is in bad shape (I"m so sorry) ask to get HOSPICE involved. I do hope that one of the experts on this board read your post and offer more help.

God bless.

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