I dont know if this will be posted because of its controversial topic but I feel I must try.
About a month ago I spoke with Mom's PC about the side effects and continued decline in Mom's condition and we decided to stop here nightly dose of Donepezil. I didnt want her sleeping away what time she had left.
Earlier this week I noticed my Mom and sister talking about funny things we did as kids having a great time and thought "Wow Mom is really on her game today" The last 4 or 5 days Mom has started reading and devouring books like she did years ago. (2 200-300 page books)
This morning my sister came down from upstairs (I requested she move in to help me) I had moved Mom onto a day bed in the Great room and put my bed against the other wall because I woke one morning and Mom had the propane stove burner turned on and almost blew us up. I had to take the knobs off and only keep one on the shelf above the stove.
Anyway back to the subject. Sis came down stairs and I was still asleep but mom was already up reading. She went into the kitchen and the coffee was perking away in the coffee maker and Mom yelled to her " I used the filtered water, coffee should be ready in a minute"
My sis came over and woke me up with tears in her eyes and I thought "Oh Lord, what has happened"
We went into the kitchen to talk and Melody said "what is going on with Mom? There is a drastic change here" She pointed at the bottle of Collidal silver that I started giving to Mom desperately trying to find something to help her about 3 weeks ago.
Does she still get confused? Yep but she doesnt lash out at us for it any longer and seems to be able to accept assistance when she does now.
I did my research and found that some people had gotten contaminated bashes of CS so I researched and decided to go with a Silver Lung to make it here at home(admin feel free to remove this part if it is to close to "spam")
I am so happy with the results so far that I had to share and will keep you all updated on whether this is just a "trend" or if it is an ongoing improvement.


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I promised an update. Mom had an off day 2 days ago but yesterday and today Im seeing amazing results still. Just say'in.

"Adding Silver to Antibiotics Boosts Their Power

New research shows antibiotics may become up to 1,000 times more powerful with the addition of silver."

I know Jesse the research on this is all over the place. I think the final decision where I was willing to fork out the $500.00 for this machine came when I was reading a European news link that I like and it stated that the Health director of Sierra Leone asked that CS producers be sent because they had found it an effective cure for Ebola. The US (Big Pharma) blocked those deliveries 4 times. Why would they do that?
CS cant be any worse than what the Big Pharma's are putting into their medicines. Have you read the ingredience in a flu shot? Appalling!
Melody took Mom out for the day for a big shopping day which usually leaves Mom very confused by the end of the day. We will see if there is a difference.
Maybe as stated in this research article it is just simply because it is a gateway for anti biotics and Mom never fully recovered from her UTI's.
I dont know but something is changing and it is wonderful to have her back.
I remember my Grandmother used to eat with her good silver and had her own "special silver plate" She swore it was because it killed harmful microbes and if it was good enough for the "blue bloods" it was good enough for her. (thought she was a bit eccentric at the time) She smoked and drank her Port wine her whole very long life.
Your right it might be wishful thinking but I will continue since it is the only thing that has had any effect on the progression of this nasty disease.
Thanks Jesse.

After a brief search on medical colloidal silver, I would say that there is no reason to pursue it. I wondered what silver might do in the body, since it's not something we need to ingest. The answer was it has no known function in the human body and might cause problems if too much is ingested. I don't know how much too much would be for an elder. Their livers and kidneys are not as efficient as younger people.

Anyway... I wouldn't pursue this.

panapal, I hope it is something good. We'll have to wait and see. A few months ago my mother improved a lot when she switched over from eating waffles for breakfast to bacon and eggs. I thought maybe we had found something that really helped. The good effect didn't last, unfortunately. It was good while it did.

Maybe it is change itself that can have an effect. I wonder about stopping the Aricept. That is a big change. The CS I don't know, since I don't know how it would influence the activity of the brain.

Thanks, I think theres more sun in London then here in Central Pa. right now. ; )
After researching I found that argyria is caused when people use the "9 volt battery and alligator clip " method of producing it and why I decided to buy the machine then to get it over the net.
What people are offering is ionic silver and is being misrepresented as Colloidal Silver.
Mom just went in and got a shower and I realized she was in the shower after the normal time it takes her to use the restroom. I poked my head in and she was in the shower without any assistance in getting the water adjusted or the normal bathing routine that we normally have to go through.
I sure hope this isnt a fluke and can extend her some time to enjoy life more than the direction that we were headed prior to this last week. I will update in a couple days.

Keep her out of the sun

wonder if some of that collidal silver strategically placed would keep the wind from blowin up my ass today ? its fkn colder here this morning than it is on the surface of mars and my helper wants to work . crackheads will do some dumb s*it for a rock ..
that aint a compliment , its curiousity combined with bewilderment on my part ..

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