In the past several months I have become alarmed by the large number of articles on the internet about elder problems. No doubt, there are elder folks that have various problems, but let's not perpetrate the myth that all elders are frail, mentally deficient, and lack good judgement.
I am 73, about the same age as Jane Fonda, the actress. She has had the benefit of a face lift. So think - when you look at her, do you really think elder? Do you immediately doubt that she is in full control of her life?
Because I have not had a "lift", I look elderly which has come to mean wrinkled, feeble physically and mentally dim.

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Wrinkled me....first off why should you care what happens on the internet or tv...what matters is what happens in real life...are you getting respect from those in your surroundings?

Today on the local news they celebrate a kid in the community that does great things. There was a young man who was really great in martial arts and he taught other kids to do martial of the things this very young man said what he says to his students is this 'BELIEVE IN YOURSELF AND BE CONFIDENT IN YOURSELF'. Pretty good from a young kid...well that goes for any age. So feel better about yourself...remember that old song are woman you are strong? Believe in it and embrace it! Live long and prosper so to speak! Thrive! Do you think when you throw peanuts to the squirels in the park or seeds for the birds they think for one iota on how you look naw what matters is what you are doing at hand...feeding them...that's all that matters....they are getting fed they are hungry and that's the heart of the matter. So then now does all the beauty and glory of facelifts matter now?

hey doc did that to my dad too , damn sonofabitch ! i tell dad hey dad got anything u wanna say to the dr ? he grin at me i know in the back of my head hes sayin yeah u *^)%$#@! . i grin back .
oh speaking of facelift oh mygosh , did u see some of the movie star has had it done , it looks awful ! one said i wish i never had it done . makes em look not so right when theyre old and feble .
dont feel bad wrinkledme , im 48 and i have crowsfeet lips and wrinkle damages from sun , many year sof trying to get brown , whoppie do , now its brown spot and wrinkles , cant wait to see what i look like when im 70 ..

It would make me so Mad when doctors would treat my dad like a idiot.He was sharp as a tack(most of the time)and they would talk to me like he was deaf and dumb.

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