I get a regular newsletter from the Environmental Health Perspective, which publishes synopses of a wide variety of studies on environmental health.

I found this of interest; it's just a summary, but addresses the Deepwater oil spill and various health issues. Of course, with any study, it's difficult to determine what other factors might have been influential, and there's always the issue of social and economic factors to consider as well as any predisposition or prior instances of the stated health issues.

The study also is only a telephone study; apparently there wasn't any medical testing done.

Article: "Depression, Mental Distress and Domestic Conflict among Louisiana Women Exposed to the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill in the WaTCH Study."

I've truncated the URL, so you'll have to add the http and www. Otherwise the link would be affected by the filers. You can also google "" and get to the site.

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Suggest a book by Judith Layzer, The Environmental Case. It is eye opening. Many environmental issues written about by this MIT prof. If I remember correctly, Love Canal was included in the book. Just saw the book on Amazon for a penny. If you like reading more than one side to these environmental stories that is.

FF, one thing that Johns Manville learned is that Ch. 11 can be a method of controlling exposure to asbestos claims. It was a clever move to use the federal court system to protect itself from all the people suffering from exposure to asbestos.

That could be a method used by other companies manufacturing toxic products. It wouldn't surprise me if Monsanto pulled that stunt someday.

It's like everyone took notice of Love Canal [Niagara Falls area of New York] and the hazardous chemical spill back in the 1970's where people who lived in the area had to abandon their homes due to health issues. They were even getting sick off of fresh vegetables being grown in their home gardens.

My gosh, didn't we learn anything back then? I wonder how much had effected the elderly today that had lived in that area.

look at my pic . it aint smackin of " oh i care , im so concerned , i care SO much " .
nope .

totally unrelated ;
had a good laugh while reading a girly news article this am .
a commenter on the story was advising that women should hold back on jumping in the sack with a guy friend because a good guy will patiently wait .
the next commenter clearly stated " no we wont " .
i take my daily dose of humor in small bits and even go looking for it if i have to ..

drinking water problems are everywhere -- just being covered up as long as possible . my hometown has poisoned wells from an old dry cleaning business , franklin indiana has poisoned wells from an old manufacturing business and even bloomington indiana is having problems from the chemicals they have to add to adjust the algae infested water from lake monroe .
im drinking rainwater and bird crap and i dont care ..

FF, Wow! Good observation; Flint was also a distressed city but now with the water problem, I can see that it could become worse. It's difficult and literally too sad to even comprehend how those mothers (and fathers too) will be able to handle the damage to their children's health.

I know there are forms of chelation therapy, but haven't read much about them recently or how effective they are.

I've been wondering about this very strange spring we've had. Never in my lifetime has Michigan has frosts, freezing weather or snow (which we had in some places this week), during May. How much that will affect Michigan's produce crops remains to be seen, but that would be a resulting possibility of affecting the financial health of the growers.

Unfortunately, I think there are still people in denial about climate change. My city still holds clinics on how to maintain beautiful lawns! They should be holding Victory Garden Clinics. In fact, I'm wondering if there's any kind of resurgence of promoting Victory Gardens. Maybe Michelle Obama can segue her garden promotion toward that mass movement - fighting climate change in effect is fighting a war.

Thanks for the interesting observations; the depression that could be caused by environmental damage, human induced or otherwise, would I think be a factor for trillions of people.

And there are any number of people snapping photos and taking videos so we can all see the disasters on tv or online. Disaster watching seems to be move popular with all the devices people can use to quickly snap and post and share the misery with millions of others.

GardenArtist, I just scanned over the article and am wondering if the same depression, mental distress and domestic conflict would also be found in the Flint, MI water situation, especially among women who have small children who's children now have higher than normal lead in their bodies.

And with all the terrible storms we have been having lately such as so many floods, tornadoes and high winds. I know for myself, I wished more people were paying attention decades ago about global climate change and would have started to make changes to try to correct it.

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