She suffers from anxiety disorder, rigid personality, and negativity. Always has. Man that used to work for company Dad owned before he died keeps calling Mom. At least he used to a few months ago. Mom has stopped answer the phone. The man says he is going to sue mom for injuries he got while cleaning up gas stains in the parking lot of business some years ago. Doctors say that's why he has these health problems in lungs. Told Mom just hang up on him. She says no. I said call police or lawyer. She doesn't want to get eighter involved. I don't know the person name or phone number. She won't tell. I guess I'm going to have to get her caller ID. She is pretty hard of hearing and even senior cell phones would not be loud enough. Plus other problems with the idea. My husband would tell me report to police anyway or make her report. She is old and shouldn't have to deal with harassment. But even if I knew the person doing it. There would be problems for mom if I did that.


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I feel for you, very frustrating when my mom gets advice from her doctors because she is having anxiety issues, depression and aches and pains but then she decides she isn't going to listen to them. She just keeps complaining to me and making me feel helpless to do anything for her. The doctors have no clue about dealing with a person like this. Just pray is all I can say, that's all I know how to do anymore.

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