Just thought I would remind everyone how daylight savings and seasons changing causes sundown &confusion...sad.

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Jenygibbs& Joanne;Thanks for the answers ...all good advice my aunt Does get confused with the slightest change in her schedule.Yes the blood moon both my mom and aunt had nightmares pretty scary right.. I will let her physician know .

The time change effects me. Time changes effect travelers going from one zone to another. It will take me about a week to be back to "normal" (whatever that is) regarding time.

If your loved one is used to eating lunch everyday at 12:15, and then one day you gave her lunch at 11:15, that might set off some confusion. Even one hour's difference in times can break a routine and be noticed by people who have an impaired sense of time to begin with.

So the reminder to look for and help our loved ones through any transition confusion is a good one.

And I think JoAnn is right, too. Sometimes things that happen around the same time can do so coincidentally. Lorraine2, if your Aunt's confusion continues to be this extreme and doesn't taper off in a few days, it might be good to contact her doctor to report new or worsening symptoms.

Its only an hour. I can see where its now 8 when it used to be nine so they r ready for bed an hour earlier. Or they sundown earlier because it gets darl earlier. But getting ready for bed that early and being confused? Now, we hd a full moon on Saturday and that could cause the problem. Ask any nurse. Never saw the time change effect my Mom.

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