I wonder how people are reacting to the Pfizer news, that tests on another drug showed as an unexpected side effect to reduce the incidence of dementia by 64%. But that it wasn’t pursued.

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I think the fuss is about whether Pfizer should have spread the news, rather than whether they had any obligation to pursue it themselves. But then how did it leak out anyway? And yes, the media is sometimes about as trustworthy as Big Pharma.

Maybe they forgot to.

Sorry, couldn't resist.

It's obviously a cynical conspiracy on the part of Pfizer to protect their other money-spinner products and condemn us all to decades in the madhouse, wetting ourselves. What else?

This came up on the forum somewhere else MargaretMcKen.
My take on this is that the press loves a sensational headline and that they and the public love to vilify "big pharma". From what I've read there really is no story here, it was decided for multiple reasons that this wasn't an avenue worth pursuing.

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