She’s got a processor but hasn’t a RAM,
Mum-in-law’s hardware is all in a jam,
She’s got a keyboard and possesses a screen,
But the system is all faulty behind the scenes…

Her operating system is exteremely slow,
Cannot retrieve files from five minutes ago,
Takes ages to start up and shut down again,
No, the system can’t operate under the strain…

My Documents section is all over the place,
She has malfuctioning system time and date,
We’ve tried to upgrade but it just can’t be done,
Had all the Registry Cleaners and virus scans run…

She got some items from the past stored on floppy disk,
Photos, cards, diaries – bits and pieces like this,
Husband and I act as external hard drives,
But are getting full up with storage on three lives…

Her fan belt has a tendency to often overheat,
Her circuits will blow, as the battery’s weak,
And while this does happen much of the time,
There isn’t any customer support hotline…

She doesn’t have wifi – no connectivity,
Access to the world dependent on husband and me…
Just like DOS, her system is all out-of-date,
More design faults than Windows 98…

Her hardware is failing, but too old to be replaced,
There’s no one who could fix it in any case,
She can never be repaired, no not ever,
Just a matter of time till she shuts down altogether…


There is a place with no time and no date,
No awareness at all of your own final fate,
It’s neither heaven nor hell, you understand,
It is that strange place called the Shadow Land.

In the Shadow Land there may also dwell,
Others who you’ve known in your own life as well,
Some are much younger or no longer alive,
But in the Shadow Land still somehow survive…

In the Shadow Land you may be a past version of you,
And do all the things that you used to do,
You may hold the same job that you previously manned,
As that’s how it goes when in the Shadow Land.

You may live in a house that you lived in before,
With your old sofa and your old front door,
It is a place of temporal shifting sand,
When you reside within the Shadow Land…

Voices from afar will tell you it’s not real,
And tell you the opposite of what you now feel,
But you’ll know full well that they’re totally wrong
As haven’t you lived in the Shadow Land all along…?

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