My 92 year old father is in residential care and hates it. He has tried everything with me to try to get out. I am not having it. I am Power of Attorney for him as he was not making good decisions about his well being.
He recently has masturbated in front of staff in care home. Doc attended and he could answer all questions. She did not think dementia but said loss of cognitive function and possibly part of brain that controls behaviour affected. Referred him to mental health services. They visited and said he's fine. Help!! What's wrong with him? I suspect he was on best behaviour when they saw him. Still telling lies and making up stories. How can he be fine?

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I understand your pain patience13 I have my grandmother in a skilled nursing facility and hates it but you have to remember that's their safe place. my last two visits have been tough she gets very agitated and she wants to go home but she cannot a couple of weeks ago, we were close to bring her home but she refused to get on the hoyer lift but refused she is not mobile she went in on a UTI which can lead to dementia

You could see if he could be referred to a neurologist, who would be able to evaluate him further and see if there are any medications that could help better manage his symptoms. It definitely sounds like he could have some loss of cognitive function that is affecting his behavior.

I've read on here that sometimes people with dementia can do what is called "showtiming" where they might exhibit better function in front of others at times than their immediate family. Do a search on here for "showtiming" or "showtimer's" and you'll see several questions and answers which explain more about it. This may be the case with your dad.

Do some reading about Frontotemporal Dementia and see if you think it fits.

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