Dementia, Memory Care... and a new puppy


My experience taking my new 10 week old (golden doodle) puppy to see my parents in memory care... was amazing and heart warming. I had told my mom that I was planning to get this new puppy... and she usually forgets most everything from day to day or even from one hour to the next.. well.. she didn't forget about the puppy and kept asking me about it. When I did bring the puppy.. both my parents were outside in the yard at the memory care... and I let him go to run up to them.. the look on her face.. was sheer happiness.. I hadn't seen that from her in a long long time. She scooped up the puppy and held him. I hadn't seen her so alive in so long. Since I got the puppy. I have already taken him several times to visit and all the residents come alive when they see him as well. They smile, my mom smiles, even my Dad smiles. On Father's Day I went to visit and left the pup at home. My mom asked why I didn't bring him. It sounds like such a small thing, but mom rarely remembers from one hour or even minute to the next, much less something from the day before. I just thought it was such a sweet and rare moment... to see a ray of happiness from her, and for her to remember something from the day before. The pup will definitely be visiting more. :)

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Sweet! Nothing like a little “puppy breath” while giving you a lick and a nip. Lovely story!

Such a good idea!

Hasbro toy company puts out a "Joy for all companions Pup", just for seniors with dementia, that is lifelike, looks and feels like a feels like a golden retriever pup, and it has sensors that responds to sound, touch, petting and hugging. They provide real companionship to the elderly, and give them a lifetime of joy, they aren't cheap, about $120, but would probably be well worth it for someone like your mom!

Just Google Hasbro companion pup, and they also have lifelike kitties, for the cat lovers too!

They have great product ratings, but I've never personally seen on, only on a TV program.

Anyways, something to check out! That way, you would both have a pup full time, that I'm sure would be a hit at the memory care center, and that she would really enjoy!

You would have to invest in a bunch of batteries though, but could leave a supply at the MC centers front desk, so They never run out! Lol

Thanks guys..Sorry about the run on paragraph.. it was separated out earlier.

I do plan on training my puppy as a therapy dog. Some training has already started at this young age. For now... he is just interacting with my own parents under close supervision.. and outside. As he grows older and better trained I hope he can interact with the other residents as well.. he definitely has the temperament for it.. !

You might want to see if there is training for your dog as a therapy dog.

What a nice story! 😊