Dementia in my mom...


I feel that no one understands, but I know that there are those of you out there that do understand. Can I talk to you from time to time? Are there any support groups near or in Seneca Falls NY?



Hi, I am from NJ so not far away.

My Moms Dementia was a continuing decline. I had her for 20 months in my home. Then Assisted Living which was right up the road. Saw her almost ever day for just a short time. She had a hard time communicating and made no sense when she spoke. I would try to answer her question and she'd be onto something different. Her mind was all over the place. Because of money I placed her in a nursing home (NH) which ended up a good thing. But she continually went down hill. TG there was a woman who came to see her husband every day. He could not speak from a stroke. So I would wheel Mom up to where they were and Eilene and I would talk. She would even talk to Mom saying things like "don't u think so Peggy". Eilene was good for me and I think visa versa. Moms NH was a little further away. My daughter is in a NH and told me I didn't need to visit everyday. Mom had no idea if I was there or not. So I cut back my time. She was getting great care and the staff loved her.

thank you very much. it is hard some days to go in and see her like she was and cognitive and then other days she is like a toddler and she just wants you to sit with her and hold her hand and read to her. she was at a thirteen when she went into the nursing home and is now down to a three on the dementia scale I am sure you all are familiar with. Somedays she is nice for part of the day and other part of the day she is mean. like two different personalities. I am her youngest and all my siblings live far away so it falls to me to be here for her. they want to help but they have their own lives and I am currently free of most of the ties of life.

Here is the association I have dealt with. I’m from Jordan, west of Syracuse. They are very helpful and can put you in touch with groups that may be more local to you.

Rford, welcome to this site. Have been here about six years. The help and support received from others here has been so valuable and helpful. Some here have become very close friends. I dont know how i would have survived my situation without them. Post anytime you like

Check the Alzheimer's association website for meetings in your area.