Does anyone who is dealing with a dementia person notice they may have no clue of what time it is or elapsed time? I have found I spend a lot of time dealing with this and am wondering if it just my husband being "ornery" or if it just may be part of dementia?

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My mom, who lives alone in her own condo, has days where she calls me up for the smallest, silliest questions, and all her calls disrupt my day quite a bit. She certainly has no concept of the "value" of my time, much less any concept of being annoying with her many calls (for non-serious reasons). Sometimes I think these very old people just forget, they don't need to voice every thought that pops into their head. And they "talk" themselves through a thought process that we would do silently. Like how to heat something in the microwave--if we had a new one we would read the directions or figure it out. But my mom completely forgets how to use it, the sequence of buttons to press and she can't seem to understand the 3 x 5 index card I taped right on the microwave. So she picks up phone and calls me (and I repeat exactly what is written on the index card....). To mom, bless her, she can only think of time doesn't even enter her thought process. I'm just a voice that says what she needs to hear, in order to make her lunch.

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