There is an excellent article in the Washington Post Health & Science section today (July 30) concerning anticholinergic drugs being inappropriate for seniors. Its excellent information and really worth reading, especially if you or the loved ones you care for take prescription or over the counter medications. I hope you can access it on line, the full title is "In older adults some drugs may produce symptoms that imitate dementia".

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SandyRenner, I saw that article the other day in the Washington Post.

I've been a long user of Chlor-Trimeton for allergies, low dosage, and have found that medicine actually makes me feel sharper. Thus, I was surprised it was on the list. No wonder I couldn't find the brand name Chlor-Trimeton for the past several years. There are drug store brands that use the same compound in a very low dosage.

Was surprised that Benadryl, used by hospital ER's for allergic reactions was on the list. Benadryl been around for ages.

Makes one wonder what is the next new drug that will be causing long-term side-effects.... [sigh].

Thank you for sharing this, it makes me rethink taking meds.

I'm hearing more and more about this. Thanks so much for posting!

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