Although not diagnosed, I think my Mother is starting to "lose it" especially since her TIA nearly 5 years ago. She has become very abusive and last night when I tried to get her to talk to an old friend (a former boyfriend of her youth who had apparently been trying to get up the nerve to call for a year) she became extremely agitated, refused to talk to him, sat the phone down and ultimately hung up without speaking to him. He called again and she did the same thing again. She said she would NEVER speak to him but today returned his call. Because I tried to talk her into speaking with him last night, she said, "you are unloveable," Christmas EVE EVE she told my husband that I am a whore (which is untrue). Her cruel behavior has increased ten fold in the past couple of months. Any thoughts?

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another time i sent the hospice into moms bedroom to get meds . she wouldnt take them from me that morning , i was trying to poison her . nurse went into the bedroom , mom and i were standing in the living room . mom walks up to me , grabs me ( gently ) by the beard and leads me to the bedroom . evidently she trusted the nurse even less . yea it was funny . even mom was being as mirthful as one can be when theyre that mentally " gone " . of course i went along with the event like an errant billy goad , eyerolls and everything .
i read a lot and knew what to expect near the end is what im getting at . if dementia is whats going on , you need to get read up on the subject . before its over youll be accused of stealing from her , trying to kill her , an imposter , and by that time , probably , youll be accused of being past your better days and jerking off homeless men behind dumpsters for boxed wine .

were all whores . i can be had for a half pint of brandy . hell ill take wooden nickels , got drawers full of them .
seriously ? id guess 99 % of the people in my aunts nh are ill with dementia . the brain fails just as surely as does the body . if you can get yourself in a businesslike enough frame of mind and learn all you can about dementia , you might learn to approach moms craziness with ( no kidding ) a sense of humor .
my mom has been gone for 1.5 yrs now . dementia ultimately led to her death . her last 60 days of life were constant hallucinations and looking back now all i care to remember is the humorous s*it . she punched my sis in the gut once . sis was blocking the door to moms bedroom and spouting malarky . one time she sat and cussed us a blue streak worthy of general patton . mom was a 50 yr sunday school teacher no less . another time she told hospice that i was trying to kill her -- but she didnt want me gone , just wanted me to get to my va phsyc doc . she told " monty " she knew she was crazy but i was crazier .
you need nerves of steel , all the education you can obtain on the subject , a lot of booze , and probably in your case a glovebox full of condoms .

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