A father and a mother is someone who nutures and loves unconditionally and places the needs of their children above their own, on a personal level, and not only with words, but also actions. Biology and birth does not solely set forth the role of a parent. My point in this discussion-reading to many comments about how we owe a person because they created us or gave birth to us. Birth parents do not necessarily constitute the role of mother and father. It is the one/ones that raise the child.

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My mom wasn't much of a mother to me. She could have been but all her good mothering was saved for my younger sister. Somehow my mother was pissed off that she had to take care of me. I knew it at 4 and it continued until I was almost 60, the last time I saw her. On the other hand, I did have the best father on the planet so I definitely had the winning ticket with him.
My daughter has 2 adopted babies from the same birth mother, different dads. I truly know that birthing does not a "mother" make.
Some people are not parent material. My own mother sure wasn't. And no way did I owe my mother. I would've done anything for my dad but I did not owe him. He would have been insulted at the thought. My kids don't owe me either.
There are some who insist and try to shame people like some of us here for our beliefs. I don't pay a bit of attention to them. They're entitled to their opinion. But when they cross the line into judging then they must not see how pompous and ignorant they come across. They don't have the right to judge. They haven't lived with our mothers or fathers. They don't live with the physical or emotional scars we have had to carry through life. Compassion goes a long way, judging comes to a screeching halt in my eyes.

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