was hiding things not knowing, however she was in her 90's. My mom was stock pilling things and also blame people for taking from her. Sometimes peoples minds are somewhere else. They forget but sometime there is a hidden illness. I found checks that for refunds from the State of New York. mail not open bills over due. Income taxes from 40 years ago, money all over. It is not stealing my mom did to me when I use to visit She went in my personal things and take them but I did find them. I do not know the condtion of your dad's heath. But my mom has dementia. I could not comfort her. She used to lock me out of the house in new york and forgot I was going to the store for her. My husband would call and she told him I was out in the bar but, I was visiting with my uncle of whom lived upstairs or utside in the backyard. She also forgot to turn off the gas one time. I was only gone for 10 mintutes I had ran to the store only a block away to get her milk and bread and came home to front door to smell gas it was in the summer and mom just sitting there. I called the fire dept, the windows were open I immediately shut the gas off. Thank full she did not put on any lights or someone ring the doorbell. I called the firedept and told them what had happen they came in minutes. The firemen check mom out her vital where ok.However the state of New York was notified and they brought in protective services .You see taking your dad to one doctor will not help you need several doctors to get a true and honest answer of what is really wrong with dad. I my self was lied to by docotors and hospital. But I did know there was something wrong with her actions. I found out a lot by calling different doctors I also read 36 hour day book and was help out by the alzheimers assocation. I approached the doctor and told him I demanded mom have test done. Hope this may help you I know it is hard.I have been doing it for 17 years I worry every day. Mom is in Fl but in a assisting living. She was with me only four days I had to call the firedept in Florida beacuse of the fighting with me and both my husband. I was hit, called names. She even fought with the fire men had to hold her down for me give her medicine. I had a total of 20 fl fire dept people in one bed room to help. My uncle is a New York retired fireman capt maybe thats why they were so fast. I am also his next of kin in charge if someting happens to him. Patrica61

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