So the stronger she gets the nastier she becomes. To the point of I'm not really care giving for her at this point but more like the punching bag again. Now she wants old ex husband to come down here from Canada/Newfy to stay with her when she moves back to apartment. Things are getting ugly again. I have no obligation to this man whatsoever and told her I wouldn't be there to help them. And she answers by saying 'be nice, be nice' When I tell her how I feel about this-she starts telling me to shut up.

We have a family home (actually brother's house) and she can go live over there if things get too bad here as she is waiting for her old apartment to be recovered. I see NO reason to put anymore effort into cleaning up the house or doing anything over there. She will use and abuse me until I croak and she keeps going.

My bp is on the rise today from just thinking about all of this. I just told her she will have to go on over to brothers house and stay there, that I'm done. She CAN drive over there and stay but she can't keep screeching at me for not doing things for her. I already know that she doesn't give a rats butt about my health so...why should I, hers? And just to add he won't be here long because he has free health care up there, he is here to collect some sort of pension. He also claims to have Parkinson's and skin cancer. The thing is my Mom is a malignant narcissist and always will be. She just told me I was jealous. Omg. Her and her sick suspicions. I need to guard my health now more than ever.

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thx. That is the plan. I am becoming the bitter one. If things go like I hope they do she will be out of here by November at the latest. My health is ruined but maybe once she is out, I can have some peace again and heal. No one is ever going to move her into my house again. Ever.

It sounds like your mother is fairly independent. I am wondering why you fetch and carry for her and are there for her every need, want and wish, including providing entertainment for her by engaging in verbal battles with her.

Step back. To quote Fleetwood Mac, “Go your own way”. Stop making threats to ship her off and do it. When she gets nasty, walk away. Walk out. You do not need to be responsible for all of her everything. Wish her well with her man friend, don’t worry about his health insurance or pension. These are not your monkeys and this is not your circus. Just go.

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