papers but i did. and when I was told By New York laws were going to change in a couple of years back 2006. I called up and cashed on the polcies and did a pre paid buriel for mom. i also did one on my uncle, mom's brother who I am also next of kin. With mom all the insurance copmaies wanted was a bank stamp and copy of my durable power of attorney and a letter from the doctor. Your mom may have a polci already if she is old and sick it is hard to insurance on someone dear to you. I was just luck. I also checked with the veternans to mach sure I had all the necessary paper to have mom when the time came to placed with my father in the miltary cementary in New York. This way my own family does not have to worry about certain things.I know each state is dirrent when it comes to medicaid. i found that out between New York and in Florida. yes there scams out there the elder care may be able to also help you out. if you do a pre paid plan there won't be any increase. I went to a funeral direct in the state of new york, and they advised me they have a person here in florida they worked with. I have everythibng taken care of. Both my husband and myself did the same thing so my own children don't have to worry. Hope this information helps you out. please check on the laws for Medicade in your state so you don't run into any problem. You will also have a peace of mind that some things have been taken care. Its is hard to do certain things ahead of time but we have too at times. Bless you. patrica61

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