June I was in the room when three doctors came in and gave her the test. And three other times the same test was done. This test were done by the state and also from a elder care agency. Three test were done at the assisting living where is staying. The same question were asked each time. And of course each time they were asked it was getting worse for me since I saw and listen to answer's that were given by mom. I cried. our docotr can give you a name of another doctor so you can have the test done. The EVLUATION IS SIMPLE. If you have the Alzheimers help line from your telephone book they can also give you some numbers and assistance. It is 24/7 even if you just want to talk to someone they are always there for you. Yes my own mom refused to l listen it was not until I demanded a test by her own doctor and set up interview that any one would listen to me. The hosptial may have a social worker that you can also talk too. I thought the same of the independent part in the begining stages. But it only got worse. HANG IN I GOING TO GIVE YOU A HUG. patrica61

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