however she would not listen to the lawyer about the house. To add on to the title even puted itf: This was all done in 1999 all she had was the diabetic condition, then the alzheimer's/dementia started. The state of new york got envoled.I could pull my own mom from her house beacuse she was not that bad, and she would not move to Fl. When she was put into a nursing home in New York I knew in 2005 someting had to be done. But with New York laws it was five years, and now it is 7 years. Fl you do not have to sell your house. I had to sell the house pay off the total of 200,000.00 for the nursing home due amount it was 15,000.00 a month that was for almost 2 years. it took five months for me to clean the house tha tall started in 2005 and the house was sold in dec 2006, I moved mom to Fl in 2007 after the final sale and fixed our house up to make it safwe proof. You see New York doctors, social workers the state all told me my own mother was ok to move to Florida. I beleived them all. Mom is now in a assisting living in Fl. and still on medicare. Your assets have to be resolved to go into most nursing homes under medicade but medicare is dirrerent . It all boils down to each state law and money involved. If you are living in moms house it falls under another issue. All of the money left from the sale of the house is gone. I did not get any of it it was $525,000.00, it went to lawyers and doctors and the real estate co. But I did all the work. Mom is on Medicare now and a state supplement, plus still awaiting the veternans help. But if mom condition changes and she has to go into a nurising home it becomes medicade. vertnans would grant me only $90.00. Like i said each state is dirrerent. new York forced to sell the house, put a lien on the house and force my uncle out. I had to help him find a place. After 32 ywears of living with her in a two family home. he is in his 80's . But I did do someting with some of the money I made sure the life insurance policy were turned in sincw I was Durable power of attorney and set up a pre paid funeral form both my mom and uncle. I am in charge of both. New didd advised me back in 2005 the law would soon change in New York even with Life Insurance policies. They would be consider a asset in the future. Call up maybe elder care each state has there own rules they may be able to answer any question and to make sure nothing comes back on your selves. Even though you are taking care of your mom. Bless you and I hope every thing work out for you. Patrica61

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