My father passed three weeks ago. his will seems pretty clear to me. Mom is his sole inheritor.

But, she is also his excutrix. She is not really capable to deal with any of this.
As I am her power of attorney. And I was his power of attorney. And, when Mom passes I am her excutrix .... I have taken on the role of clearing up all the accounts and doing the various clerk tasks to have the accounts in Moms name only.

BUT...along comes brother. He wants the will adjudicated by a court, he doesn't want me to handle any of it, and since Mom cannot, he wants money spent on a lawyer and courts to appoint him to do it all!

Ah geez. So, I told him...I will continue to see that all money and assets are placed in her name only. He can go pay for the lawyer the time he gets all that done..I will have finished what I am doing anyway.

What is this guys battle plan? Is he trying to undermine my Dads will? Trying to extract money from the estate instead of transferring it in its entirety to Mom?

He shows up to cause trouble. Couldn't be here to help..nope...but, he smells money and comes quickly along. That may sound ungenerous, but I cannot figure what he is doing,

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I have similar situation. Lived with and took care of my mother for 7 yrs. Brother showed up and went to court and got POA. He has taken over completely including giving his children items in the house that are my personal property, never belonged to my Mom. I have not been able to stop him.

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