Teepa’s 10-Minute Stress Tamers

Here is a list of ways to relax or release some stress. Pick one to try today and see how it goes for you. Put a star next to the ones that work best.

Take Care of You!

1. Sit quietly in calm surroundings with soft lights and pleasant scents
Aromatherapy: Lavender, citrus, vanilla, cinnamon, peppermint, fresh cut grass
2. Breathe deeply: Rest your mind and oxygenate
3. Soak in a warm bath, or just soak your hands or feet
4. Read: Poetry, spiritual, inspirational readings, or a chapter of a book you like
5. Laugh and smile: Watch comedians, look at animal photos
6. Stretch: Front to back, side to side, and across
7. Garden: Work with plants, dig in the dirt
8. Beanbag heat therapy: Fill a sock with dry beans and sew or tie it closed.
-Heat the sock with beans in a microwave for 30 seconds at a time, then place on tight muscles. Massage gently and relax for ten minutes
9. Remember the good times: Record oral memories, scrapbook, photo journal, keepsake memory, picture frames, or just write in a journal
Work on a favorite hobby
10. Have a cup of decaffeinated tea or coffee
11. Play a brain game: Crosswords, jigsaws, Jeopardy, or scrabble

This article and abbreviated tips from Teepa were adapted from Teepa Snow’s Encouragement Notebook. This product is filled with meaningful quotes and phrases from Teepa to help you keep your best state of mind. It also includes space for you to write down what’s on your mind.

If you are feeling overwhelmed or you know of someone else who may feel that way, here are some resources you may find helpful or you can gift them to someone else:
Teepa Snow’s Greeting Cards – everyone loves to receive a handwritten card. Let your friend know you are thinking of them with cards from this beautiful set.
--- In This Moment Support Cards – Sometimes the just right words are all it takes for us to keep going when things seem like they are too much. Teepa and her team have developed cards designed to help you acknowledge, encourage, and grow.
Care Partner Support Series or Care Partner GEMS Series – Caring for and supporting someone living with dementia can feel isolating. Join PAC Consultants and others in your shoes to connect, learn, and share together from the comfort of your own home.

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I love love love Teepa's advice but I've got to say this sounds like a scammy money grab.

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