i care for dad in his house.has some dementia..sibling sees dad average 6(4hr. nites) for dinner...never on weekend or overnite..there are 5 of us..GREAT does not help at all....other 2, are helpful and thankful for what i do...i want best for dad...home is where he should be loves his home,yard, etc...sibling/poa says why should i ask ( for say 100.00 per week)???? basically i do 9pm to 10am5nites per week...take dad to day facility like 9 to 4..pick u like 3days per week...i have i full weekend off ,2to 3 friday nite to 2pm saturdays off...I do the rest.....less help(with no aggravaton) is better i think....she feels (she is poa......she is the QUEEN) IT IS NOT ABOUT POWER in my mind...DAD IS THE MAIN FOCUS....a real most real caregivers feel(i hope) that is the focus....trying to stay positive for Dad, best thing is once sibling is there for her 4 hour evening (she takes dad to her house 2o minutes away) we don't hear from her....EVEN HOW SIBLING IS, I WOULD STILL TAKE CARE OF POP...AND I AM...memories of Dad will always be there.....I am thankful for hanging in there..

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