Blood blisters on hands and buttocks
angry at the world
sits on patio deck and plays backgammon against herself on a board game
quit her job
barely eats
has no one as a companion
hateful to everyone
been drinking like this for 40 years

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its pretty commonly known that elder caregivers act out and even self medicate .
i had law difficulties two times in my mothers last 2 years of life . a bike trip and a handful of pills followed by losing my sht and vandalizing a problem customers property upon leaving his job .

its evident now that the courts in both instances saw the difficulty me and jake were having even if we didnt necessarily make the connection ourselves .

elders are friggin difficult .

There is a site,, scroll down to the family and friends area, many people there who understand this issue.

My mother is an alcoholic, I went to Alanon meetings for many years, did help me to cope and learn how to not enable an addict.

So very sorry that you are having to face this.

I found a whole article about the adverse dermatological effects of heavy drinking:

I'm sorry you are going through this situation with your daughter. Sending you a big hug and a prayer that both you and your daughter get the help you need; she with the addiction factor and you with the psychological trauma her drinking is causing you.

Your profile says you are in you are 93 and healthy. I can’t imagine you having to go through this heartache in your golden years. I’m so sorry.

Your daughter has to decide for herself to stop drinking. It’s horrible to watch someone hurting and self medicating. I am glad that you are reaching out to this forum.

Is your daughter living with you? Are you caring for her? Did her drinking cause her to quit her job?

Have you looked into Al-Anonymous for support? She can’t quit drinking cold turkey. She needs a rehab program to help. If she drinks with certain drugs it’s actually deadly.

She also has to withdraw properly because sudden withdrawal can actually cause death too. I have a friend that flatlined. Thank God she got into a good rehab program.

Please let us know how you and your daughter are doing. Hugs!

I am sorry that your daughter is drinking herself to death.

Have you tried to go to support groups for family members of alcoholics? I would recommend contacting alcoholics anonymous and asking them for resources for yourself, because your daughter will have to want to get sober for you to be able to help her and in the mean time protecting yourself and getting educated is all you can do.

Hugs and strength to you for this hard trial.

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