Hospice now coming in and dr says maybe 3 months. When do we start spending nights? How long can he be left alone? I wanted him to stay in home also. Now I'm questioning.

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Thank you so much for your comments. This is very new territory.

As I'm sure others will tell you, every case is different. Only you and your fathers doctors and hospice team can make the call on the questions you are asking. My mother has been on hospice for about three months and other than sleeping more I can't see a huge difference from prior to hospice. The hospice nurse that sees my mom says it is "a slow, steady decline". My father, on the other hand, declined at a much faster rate - from intake until death was about two months. When daddy's hospice nurse said about two weeks (left) daddy passed in three days. So - again, only thoses familar with your dads situation can make an educated guess - and then it really is only a guess.

If he is on hospice with three months to live, it may be good for someone to be with him as much as possible, especially at night. This is IF he wants someone there. He may actually prefer solitude, so ask him.

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