He was in a nursing home and i was wondering as he had a heart attack would he have been so drugged he would have been out of it and not suffered from the heart attack,he was in a nursing home and i wonder if he's medication would have relived him,would have felt anything when he had the heart attack

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i never really saw he's doctor yes i am curious if when he had the heart attack in that moment would have it hurt that moment all they said was he went peacefully and he wanted to pass the nurse that was with him said he asked for he's puffer because he coundnt breath which happened heaps in the last week came back he was dead

Sorry to hear about your father dying 6 months ago. I gather that he died in the nursing home from a heart attack.

My mom had seizures and a stroke before she went to the nursing home in 2009 and died in October of 1013. She was on anti-seizure medication the whole time.

For most of those years, she was very talkative, but after some other medical problems in June of 2013 she became very quiet and began to slowly decline and got quieter and quieter. She reached the point where she did not hardly say anything and when asked why, she said that she had nothing more to say.

Eating became more and more of an issue. In September, the nursing home doctor told me that in his professional opinion that she did not have much time left. A couple of weeks before her death, she basically slept the whole time and would eat a little, but then she reached the point where she would no longer eat.

They gave her morphine during her final hours to reduce pain and to ease breathing. She was aware of my presence in the room and the presence of others who came into the room. She never regained total consciousness. She had one final stroke and died.

Are you asking if the meds would have kept your dad out of it while he had his heart attack and died? or are you asking if he had been drugged up enough to have kept him from having a heart attack? I think you are asking did his body feel the pain of having a heart attack? What did his doctor tell you or did you ask?

From my own experience, my mother did not regain consciousness when she had that final stroke. I don't know if she felt any pain from the stroke or not since she was drugged up with morphine plus being so out of it anyway.

With either a stroke or a heart attack, the human body experiences trauma. The feelings of that trauma are blunted with the use of pain killers like morphine.

I hope this answers your question and I wish you well on your journey through the grief process.

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