Always has been, and now that he is older its hard to tell whats going on with him.

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Just my 2 cents worth--- maybe he's become that way, acting out --- since he's not the tough, independent man he used to be. Along with that depressed and no longer in control. Good luck and bless you.

My mom is too...always has been. When I was very little she started abusing my sister and me...torture. I still have the scars. Of course, we knew she was hateful but we didn't know back then what the real problem was...nobody in our family went to the doctor unless one of us broke a leg or arm..NO mental health was ever mentioned or talked about. But mom can't take ANY pain at all...not even pain..she will scream out if I'm putting her socks on the wrong if I'm killing her. It SO made me want to say...boy, you can sure dish it out but you can't take it. I still resent her torturing my sis and me during our childhood and teen years. She LOVED our brothers though and they never got beaten, got to have friends over, got to go places, etc...she showed she loved them. It was the opposite with my sis and me. She made it clear that she didn't like us NOR want us at a young age. We still can't believe we "made it"...and are alive today and getting old ourselves. It's a TOUGH, TOUGH job but in a way...they are babies again..we start out as life and go back to being babies before death. Hang in there!

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