Knowing my own difficulties and others here, many others must be in even worse shape. I'm unable to drive to one store after another looking for anything, and shouldn't be anyway due to the virus. Others likely have worse mobility issues: walkers, etc.

It's heart breaking to see seniors crying in grocery stores when they shouldn't even be out there. Seniors alone who shouldn't be out and have been told that they're most vulnerable, who have no one to help them, and no money to pay anyone to help. They may have no computer or know how to use one to do what we all are trying to do ~ like find toilet paper or ground beef or whatever.

Senior services are likely backed up. Most of us have our own issues and are caring for elders with their issues so we aren't able to help. But, if anyone has ideas of how to help these vulnerable seniors, maybe you'll share those here and with seniors we see or know who may not have computers or help.

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Our local home care company is doing grocery delivery as well as stepping up their ready to eat and frozen MOW program. Unfortunately I only discovered that by accident when I was checking their web site so I don't think they are doing the greatest at getting the message out.

I am proud to say that in my city, young people have stepped up and are offering (for free) to run errands for Homebound Senior Citizens. They post on the city’s page with their offers. We also have multiple food banks in our area. What we seniors need to understand is that in these times, it’s ok to ask for help, which a lot of us don’t want or are too proud to do.

The Next Door App.
it’s by neighborhood(s) and you have to have a street address to get into it and be invited by a moderator for your area; and it’s vetted in that all newbies are kinda introduced so others can input if it looks sketchy. & folks will put in if the address is an empty lot or not accurate.
Next Door has all sorts of categories, like “needing a service provider”, items for sale, pets, stuff for free. You down load photos easily onto your post. It can be your immediate neighborhood or ones adjacent as well, you can select how far out mileage wise you want your “next door” to be. I’m on 2 different ones and on 1 over this weekend someone posted her home from college kids were doing runs to local grocery stores (WinnDixie & Rouses) mid week and would shop for shut ins or elderly if she got a list by Mon. Elders who are not tech savvy are being contacted by neighbors to see if they need stuff to add to the kids shopping list. One neighbor who doesn’t need anything is tipping them $20 just because & has put up a challenge for others to do this for next week. We’re on for week 3.
Have no idea how much Next Door is participated in nationwide but it’s active throughout TX, and along the I-10 corridor cities in LA & MS.

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