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You moving in with HER changes a lot of the balance. Essentially, YOU took HER space. Even if it's benefitting her, I bet she still feels like she can roam wherever and no excuses.

Sounds like she's actually pretty busy. Make yourself busy too. Also, create in your home a little "haven" if you can, that you can retreat to and be alone. LOCK THE DOOR. PUT a sign on the door "Having some alone time"....and then do NOT open the door to her. Doing this has saved my sanity, as my hubby has a huge TV in our bedroom which I hate, and he refuses to move it or move it into the den, which is specifically FOR a TV. I gave up begging him to turn it off by 10:30 and if I fell asleep, he'd sneak it back on.

I gave up and moved into my own little corner of my home. I don't think my hubby notices or cares. I love the cool, quiet clean little room where I can have peace and quiet and not hear FOxNews raging on 24/7. I'd take an interfering mother over the sounds of FoxNews!!

You can take the hinges off the connecting door and install self closing ones. That way, the door will not stay open. Mother lives with brother and he did this to her, so the family didn't have to see/smell all the mess in her place. She was just like your mom at the beginning of her stay at brother's 20 years ago--but now she cannot even go up or down a step. Time will take care of a lot of the things that are bugging you.

As far as the anxiety (which is what I think you have, more than depression--a mild tranquilizer may help more than Lexapro, which sadly is known to cause weight gain.

Good luck with the boundaries, changes, etc. This is a hard thing to do. Bless you!!

I can understand wanting to be alone in your own house. Since your mother is safe on her own, could you go out by yourself? My mother would want to know where I was going, etc, but since I go to work everyday, I get some time away.

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