mother came home from rehab facility alert, walking with walker in pretty good shape . oxygen was on going before hospice and breathing treatments were normal thing . rehab was for gaining strength in body and help control breathing . well all of a sudden shes on percaset ? spell , i only could make it to see spend nights about every 2 weeks .everytime i came she was totally wasted . on drugs . several different family and sitter were giving her medications .and recorded on paper . then a meeting called . nurse , family counsler , they said we will be giving her xanax morn and night and a pill of moraphine , i spoke up and said my mother said do not let them give me the stuff your father passed from stroke after given that. he was paralized. severe stroke, pain in head i can see giving it to him he suffering.but my mother was not .they said will help with breathing .when i spoke up i felt attacked , sister said we just asked mother she said ok i got upset and left . with sister screaming if u leave your off list to care 4 her . so 2 weeks later come back to see her and a bowl of moraphine on table to give her . i said since when did u guys start liquid ???? sister said her breathing will be eased by giving it to her . next time they said well she cant get up out of bed without help . i told them i guess not if shes loaded . i refused to give it to her that night .she got right up the next morning alert and able to get up pretty good .she was even able to go outside in wheelchair looked really good . then 2 weeks later she could not get up at all and slept all the time had to feed her etc. i could not watch her deteriate , told them stop doping her up . so now she could not even move on her own and diapers had all ready came in etc . never complain of pain . just layed there . she agreed too much drugs and she blamed all her health problems on her doctor and wanted a new one far ahead of all this . sister would not change . well needless to say i felt a therapist was needed far in advance to exercise her legs etc . sister said she couldnt get better so it had stopped . no one felt it would help so she got worse and all this went on for 8mnths before she passed . rattle breathing went that night for 12 hrs then she stopped breathing . i feel she was not given chance to get better . what do u think ?? i asked sister to show me the insurance policy and to this day she has not . she before death ask me do u think we are contributing to her death .i said let it go cant turn back now .

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