dad had MRSA in his Urine 7wks ago. It was cleared up with antibiotics. They tell me he has it again. They have no isolation rooms at this time so he will be using a bedside toilet instead of the toilet he shares with 3 other men. he has been in several other nursing homes in the past and never contracted this. What does this say about this nh and its sanitary conditions if anything? He has had a UTI nonstop since he was admitted in january 2013. his Dr said he has been on antibiotics so many times that they don't work anymore. I know MRSA is common in health care facilities but do the residents get it over and over?? Also, I had planned to have him discharged to me in 1 week because my sister now has terminal cancer & I want to get him strong enough to take the trip to see her with me. Everytime he's in a nh for a while he becomes very weak and is in bed quite alot. he's home for a week and is pretty much back on his feet. The nurse said its ok to take him home with MRSA. I just have to take precautions so we don't get it.

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People can become colonized with MRSA. Colonization means that the organism is part of their "normal" bacterial flora. The bacteria that reside on your skin and mucous membranes can become a source of clinical infections. Geriatric patients can be prone to recurrent UTIs, so repeat infections with the MRSA that he is likely colonized with is not a surprise.
Wash your hands after any care that you provide him, that requires your physical contact with him. Handwashing remains one of the best means of infection/colonization prevention.

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