I'm considering placing my father in a nursing home. Actually he's considering it but I'm not in agreement totally. I feel like there's more I could do. He's paralyzed, a diabetic and had a stroke last year which has hindered him in doing a lot of things for himself. He needs help with basically about everything. I have a job that rotates shift every couple of months... I just don't know what to do......

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I think the fact that your father has suggested the nursing home himself is pretty cool in and of itself. Usually there's a lot of kicking and screaming involved putting someone in a nursing home, not to mention the guilt that most kids feel putting their parent there. What about adult foster care instead of nursing home? We had pretty good luck with the one my father-in-law was in the last 3 months of his life. There was only one other man there, so he had really good care.

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