My dad and his wife moved out of state to care for my grandmother in November she is 93 and until last 6 months or so was doing pretty well living alone but had been declining somewhat over the past couple years, however lately she is very confused about days, today sunday she was sitting in the chair waiting for her ride to the dr office but her appt isnt until Thursday, she goes to bed around 6pm and woke up about a week ago at 1130 and was going to the garage to find something to eat. well my dad and step mother are with her 24/7 other than an occasional walk to the grocery store and are overall doing pretty well and trying not to let her comments get to them but she has begun to complain about how the food is cooked, its too spicy, or whatever and comes up with the most random comments out of the blue, for instance yesterday morning after church they came home to make breakfast and grandma talked about how she used to get the eggs before the chickens broke them (she lived on a farm) or talking about a dog that has been gone for at least 50 years, i am concerned about all of that but even moreso about her prescriptions...she has taken 2 days worth of pills a couple of times so my dad has taken them away from her and keeps them in the basement where she cant go due to mobility issues but she became furious when she found that out. Most of her family and friends see that she has become so confused. My dad and his wife are just beginning to get discouraged but try not to take her comments personal.

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