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Party, somebody say Party, Party over here. I'm not gonna stop partying until I'm carried out feet first. My partying is skating and I don't plan on stopping.

Moving your mom into your home will change things drastically. Think about it and discuss it thoroughly with your husband. Read the post here about loved ones being in their children's homes, or vice versa. It is more than a notion, and not only should you be concerned with your husband's feelings, you need to realize how your very own life will change.

Do you have children? Siblings? think about it from A to Z.

On the other hand, this is the greatest thing you can do for a parent, they say.

You've got a lot of thinking ahead to do dear. Good luck. Keep us posted.

my husband and i talked about havin my dad here . he was all for it cuz he loves my dad . it takes 2 people to agree on things . there has been times when my husband and i wanted to go out on a date ( dinner) we couldnt go cuz there was no one avaiable to watch my dad . its a disapointed but thats ok .
sometimes if my d aughters are not doing anything they would watch grandpa so my husband and i could go out on a date .
like right now i would love to go out on a cycle ride but nope cant do that . no one here to watch him :-)
so that would be something you may want to rethink that . dependin on how old u are . i am 48 next week . my parting times are over , time to sit at home and take care of my good ole pa .

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