I wish towel makers would make shorter bath towels. My elderly Mom was getting shorter and shorter but the bath towels kept getting longer and longer. Eventually she was the same height as the towel.

She never liked the newer towels and would put them away as the new towel was also too heavy to handle after a shower, and washing the towels it was difficult to pull out of the washer. Thus, she and Dad would use very old bath towels, some were so thin you could see light through them.

Anything you wish companies would do to help with your elder or loved one?

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I'm with you on the bath towels FF. When I was young we girls used two towels for our bath, one for hair and one for the rest. My dad used to complain about using so many towels! I could probably make three of those towels from the average bath towel now, they are too big and heavy and totally unnecessary.

Sometime I just wish for simple dials on appliances, I don't want to have to get out a manual to program my thermostat or to re set my microwave. I sometimes think 90% of the functions on most devices are never used. That's why I still have an old flip cell phone, all I want to do is talk and maybe text a little, I don't need to play games, go online or take pictures!

Wish a company would make user friendly TV remote controls that don't resemble the inside of an airplane cockpit.

Of course, easier to use TV remote controls... something that doesn't resemble the cockpit of an airplane.

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