I took the advice of several contributors dealing with mothers who exhibit childish behavior about taking medications and when my Mom was complaining about taking her heart medication I said to her "That's fine Mom. You can choose to discontinue all your medications and we can do palliative care instead keeping your comfortable." To my surprise, she reacted with "oh no, I have to take my bladder medication." It seems that heart medication is not as important to her as her bladder medication. She doesn't like the side effects which cause bruising. Funny how this one comment was effective at stopping the complaints (that is, for the moment!). Thank you to all of you that offer their comments and suggestions. It has been very helpful.

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Yes, you are exactly correct. Poor choice of words on my part. I will have to try another tactic. I am so weary of the negative thoughts and lack of ANY action. The only thing that is processing is her age and all of her senior issues.

If you mother doesn’t want medication that can produce bruising, but does want medication that can control bladder leaking, it sounds a bit like vanity rather than ‘childish’. Can you find a way to play on that?

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